You have arrived at the website of the Dutch documentary & filmmaker Ruben van Dingen. In addition to a job as a practical teacher in film and video technology at an higher professional journalism education, I am also an all-round independent filmmaker since 2004 under the company name VANDINGEN Productions. I would love to think along with you and help you, your company or organization to make great and high quality videos.

Besides being active for various clients, I also independently make short films and documentaries. I would like to show my most recent work below. If you are interested in using or broadcasting one of the films or documentaries created by me, please contact me.

Documentary Nathanaël Spijkerbosch

The story of Nathanaël Spijkerbosch is told In this documentary.
A Dutch 19 year old boy who is completely fond of cars & excavators, was suddenly confronted with a life-threatening form of cancer. Plans made to attend a Bible school abroad fall to pieces and a time of illness and uncertainty dawns. Now, about a year and a half later, we look back on this difficult time and hear how he and his family are doing now. A story about illness, recovery and resilience to look ahead and pursue his dreams.

Length: 26'35 ”
Language: Dutch.
Subtitled in English.
Translation by Regina Frumau & Tirza Keesmaat

A documentary by Ruben van Dingen

Seek and ye shall find

A short portrayal documentary about visual artist Wiebe van Dingen.

Length: 05’55”
Language: Dutch.
Subtitled in English, German, French, Portuguese & Italian.

A documentary by Ruben van Dingen

Missionary work in Canada

A video portrait of the missionary family Van Dingen, living in Saint-Armand, Quebec, Canada.

Length: 04'10“
Language: Dutch.
Subtitled in English.


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